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What if the Wallmasters, specificly the ones that come down to grab Link and take him back to the entrance of a dungeon or temple, aren’t actually evil, but are actually spirits of those who died trying to protect Link, taking him to the exit to that he does not suffer the same fate they did in life.”

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Not many people think highly of the sequel to The Lion King but this scene broke my heart the first time I saw it. Nuka was the oldest of his family, and as the oldest he was meant to look out for his siblings; obviously something he didn’t like doing at all because his little brother was the ‘chosen one’. He laments out loud why isn’t he the chosen one? He’s the oldest, he feels he’s the smartest, and his mother puts all of her (albeit twisted) love into his younger brother, bypassing him entirely. He would do absolutely anything to make his mother proud of him, to get one singular word of praise. That’s all he wanted, her to smile at him, to maybe even say she loved him because I doubt she ever said that to him.

He died trying to make her proud, he gave everything he had and I think too late she realized what she lost which only went to fuel her madness for revenge against Simba even more. Her first born, crushed to death by falling logs before her eyes and his last words to her is an apology. Not a goodbye, but an apology for not being good enough for her.

Fucking tragic.


if you think this is bad you should see the deleted scene of this


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Imagine neku getting into a car accident and getting hospitalized, and after all his friends leave Joshua is just there, looking at him silently, until finally neku says “you look worried. Has hell frozen over?”

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"Flirting" (Extra)

You ask and you shall receive. Joshua’s assholery will spread to every corner of Shibuya. Nothing can stop it.



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this guy is dying on his ass so badly i cant believe how flat every single one of his jokes fall

he’s litterally using brony inside jokes to a bunch of people who have no idea what he’s talking about

this is what billions of years of evolution has built up to

that was the most secondhand embarrassment ive ever felt.
its just the last minute

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bad social habits i have

  • mumbling
  • not smiling
  • trailing off
  • crossing my arms
  • looking angry even though im not angry
  • the fact that i cant even socialize
  • the fact that im me

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